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About Us
A-One Biz Solutions offers end-to-end medical billing and coding solutions to physicians, billing companies and healthcare entities. We handle over $120 million in collected revenues for our clients. We are an integrated physicians health care team with a decade of experience with us. We work round-the-clock and have been successfully challenging claims processing to the providers advantage. We bring in high quality and efficiency, and enable our clients to achieve their business goals.

A-One Biz Solutions is an excellent solution provider for your medical billing and collections challenges. We are the most experienced billing company in the industry. Our proven workflow processes for speeding and enhancing your cash flow use state-of-the-art information technology solutions. Add to this our dedicated team approach and commitment to customer satisfaction and A-One Biz is clearly the right choice as your medical billing solutions partner.

Our team of oncology billing experts handles over $70 million in collected revenue for our oncology clients. We have a successful track record of collecting 99% of the claims submitted for our oncology clients. The intense and focused approach of our team helps us in resolving several pending issues and ensures smooth collections and revenue streams.

A-One Biz Solutions has always been committed to synergistic and long-term relationships. We do not compromise on our quality for expedient, short-term considerations.

Our efficiency and eye for detail at the service level will assuredly compliment the reputation for quality that our clients have earned. Our clients are our best reference for our efficiency.

Our Vision

  • To create value for our customers by delivering high quality solutions. 
  • To ensure that our clients achieve their operational and financial goals. 
  • To become a trusted long term partner for removing your billing headaches.


Investment in a Long-term Relationship

We invest in our relationships with customers, team members, partners and shareholders to create substantial value for these stakeholders. A-One Biz Solutions commits to synergistic and long-term relationships. We do not compromise for expedient, short-term considerations.

Confidential Customer Interaction

At A-One Biz Solutions, relationships are not merely long-term – we understand our client’s every need. We strive to achieve a deep sense of alignment through an intense awareness of our customer’s vision and are committed to fulfilling their vision.
Our customer understanding is characterized by careful listening, an accurate assessment of the realities and opportunities and a commitment to identify the critical levers to create a winning proposition.

Commitment to Results

A-One Biz Solutions is driven by the desire to make a difference for our customers by delivering extraordinarily high value. Our environment fosters a winning attitude where leaders are accountable for delivering exemplary performance from their teams. Personal growth and development is the ability to enhance on commitments and consistently deliver high output.


To offer business solutions aligned to enable the clients exceed their business goals.

To provide powerful, flexible and cost effective solutions customized to meet individual client’s needs.

To provide a continued engagement of the core team in each of the client’s processes to build lasting relationships and act as their extended office.
About Us
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